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  • Town In Spain Changing Name, Building Jewish Studies Center To Remember Sephardic Background


    Castrillo MatajudíosCastrillo Matajudíos, Spain – A Spanish town is in the process of changing its name due to the anti-Semitic translation, in addition to focusing on Jewish studies to remember the town’s history.

    Castrillo Matajudíos contains words meaning, “kill Jews.” Reported on VIN news earlier this year, the town has voted to change the name to Castrillo Mota Judias, which means “Camp Jews Hill,” and to also open a Jewish studies center to bring light to the Sephardic history of the town reports Radio Arlanzón (

    Mayor Lorenzo Rodriguez met with the representative of the Board and President of the County Council to also discuss beginning archaeological digs to educate others on the history of the town and how it got its name.

    The president of the Provincial Corporation, Cesar Rico, said that the idea sounds good and that the project will be interesting in both the recovery of priceless artifacts and learning about Sephardic culture.

    The mayor stated that the Jewish studies center would focus on the significance of the Jewish community in that area during the time when they were expelled from Spain by Catholic Monarchs.

    All of the projects could also lead to economic improvement for the town the mayor explained to the council.

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