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  • Allies Open Trial Of 20 Top Germans For Crimes Of War

    With Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day being commemorated on April 27th, we take a look back at the headlines from November 1941 of the Nuremburg Trials

    NYT Nuremberg

    History-Making Case Begins In Nuremberg With Reading of Long Indictment


    Presentation of Evidence Due to Start Today--Hess in Court Pending Ruling

    Allied Open Trial of 20 Top Germans


    Wireless to THE NEW YORK TIMES

    Nuremberg, Germany, Nov. 20--Four of the world's great powers sit in judgment today on twenty top Germans whom the democratic nations charge with major responsibility for plunging the world into World War II. The twenty-first defendant, tacitly although not specifically named in the indictment, is the German nation that raised them to power and gloried in their might.

    Subdued and tractable, awaiting their hour for what justification they can show, the accused filed by threes into the court room in the Palace of Justice here thirty minutes before the convocation of the International Military Tribunal created to weigh the evidence. They spent five and one-quarter hours listening more or less intently to the preliminary formalities in which the groundwork of the prosecution was laid.

    3 Chief Prosecutors Absent

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