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Nursery School : REGISTRATION FORMS FOR 14/15

Since 1993, the CSI Nursery School has provided our youngest students with the perfect blend of secular and Jewish learning in a warm, nurturing atmosphere that encourages the development of the whole child.

Our highly experienced teachers create a learning environment based on support for individual needs,  hands-on activity, socialization and creative learning.  We teach about and celebrate Shabbat and holidays through music, story telling, dance, art, cooking and family programming. 

 Child with backpackThere is nothing sweeter than the sight and sound of our Nursery School children belting out the "Frog" song in preparation for Pesach, or watching them grow from tentative 2's to confident and caring 4's during their years at CSI.   

CSI OFFICE:  (914) 762 - 2700 

E-mail:  Roni Shapiro Ben-David, Educational Director 

or general e-mail for the school:   

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