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  • Jonah's TBH Recycling campaign

    A crowdsourcing project through Jewcer; does your child want to raise money for a mitzvah project?

    The Jewish Innovation

    I am an 11 year old who believes strongly that it is my duty as a Jew to help take care of this planet. Every year my Synagogue does a number of events off site (Our Purim Carnival, Seder in the Desert, Tashlich at the Beach and many others), but we have never had an organized recycling program. I want to raise enough money to start a program for these events and all those in the future.

    The Impact

    Jews have always lead the way in protecting our Earth. This is a small but easy step to help my community take better care of the environment. If I raise the money, my Rabbi will let me introduce it to the congregation and give a brief drash on why the Earth matters so much to the Jews.

    What the money is for

    I will buy reusable recycling bins, blue bags, and gloves. I will also print up signs to mark the recycling locations. Any extra money will be donated to my temple's food pantry


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