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/uploadedImages/site/Welcome/Board Meeting.jpgBoard of Trustees 2013/2014

Meetings are generally scheduled for the 4th Tuesday night of each month at 8 PM but it's best to check each monthly calendar.


We encourage you to reach out to a Board member  if you have questions or concerns!  

Andrew L. Kagan, President    

Lisa Goodkin, VP  

Roberta Kay, VP  

Daniel Levine, Secretary 

Bob Margolies, Treasurer   

Neil Schluger, VP   

Jack Zinn, VP 

Daniel Singer, Immediate Past President  


Trustees 3 Years: 

Antony Anisman 

 Doron Bar-Levav   

Ira Eisenstein   

Eric Nadler  

Lawrence Smoler  

Mark Wancier 



Trustees 2 Years: 

Steven Bender 

Lauren Benjamin  

Annleah Berger 

Howard Berkower 

Josh Diamond 

Jonathan Gellman  



Trustees 1 Year:   

Aaron Gershowitz   

Laura Gold  

Mara Weissmann 

Mark Reisman  

Fred Schulman  

Lee Zaretzky  


CSI is proud to be an active, consistently well-respected Conservative Synagogue in Westchester County, NY. 










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