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CSI Community Organic Farm

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We’re pleased to announce we’ve received an optimal score on our Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health from the Cornell Soil Health Laboratory.

csicroppedCSI has founded a community farm on 1.5 acres at the back of the synagogue’s property! The space and programs developed around the farm will provide opportunities for the community in many ways. A Farm Committee has formed and a fund has been created to help support the farm. Growing beds will be available for planting, and the spaces will be available for many uses and programs. Fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, berries, and flowers will be grown for sale at the CSI Sunday Organic Market, for synagogue programs, and for donation to a local food bank. The space will be a unique outdoor setting that is beautiful, inspiring, and productive, and which will allow members to connect and interact in many formal and informal new ways. It will provide something for everyone! The farm and associated programs will help to bring forth many important Jewish traditions and values related to ecology, agriculture, nutrition, healing/health, well-being, spiritual connection, social and environmental justice, and the benefits of productive physical work. (Read More…)

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It may be winter, but now that the days will be getting longer, how far away can spring/summer be?

With that in mind, it is time to start planning for the new gardening year!

If you want a garden bed for this coming season, please let me know. We have made many changes in the garden, with more beds available and more sun! (How nice is that!!)

Once again, we will have knowledegable people to guide you. For those of us who gardened this past summer, it was a most gratifying and wonderful experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. We want to encourage as many congregational families as possible to join in this most satisfying synagogue experience. Watching your plants grow from tiny seeds or seedlings is truly a magical and spiritual experience.

We are hoping to develop a true community garden, with all of us "digging in" and supporting each other and our plants....

Jill Greenstein
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A big thank you to Paul Kleinman for his wonderful work drawing up the plan for the big field, Field #1. We need this tool to help us plan for the coming year. For a full size PDF of the rendering go to ... See MoreSee Less

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We jotted down the tallies from our very last harvest of the season. We're ready for a bit of a break over the winter, but before you know it we'll be planning for spring! ... See MoreSee Less

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The community farm at CSI will provide a space for the following:

  • growing nutritious food and flowers;
  • exercise, fresh air, and exposure to the natural elements;
  • hands-on learning about gardening/growing, nutrition, well-being, and health; and
  • all formal and informal activities that can benefit from a space that is inspiring, beautiful, and productive.

There are many ways to immediately get involved!

  • Farm Committee and Fund (meetings once a month)
  • Kickoff barbecue and planting days this fall
  • Immediate opportunities for dedication to fund the garden
  • Growing beds/plots available to plant next spring
  • Opportunities for programs, projects, classes, part-time employment, internships, and more.

Many people and companies have already donated significant time, money, and resources to getting our farm off the ground. Tremendous thanks go to:

  • Fredrick Schulman
  • Neave Group Outdoor Solutions
  • Hudson Landscapes
  • Westchester Tree Life
  • Ryna Lustig
  • Susan Eisenstein
  • Michael Yoken
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