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Talmud with Rabbi Kane

Study Talmud with Rabbi Kane Monday evenings at 8:45 pm. No previous knowledge of Talmud is required! We’ll continue with the study of tractate Berachot (which will bring us into Volume 2 this year!), one of the most accessible tractates of Talmud. Join us and “dip your toe into the sea of the Talmud.” The text is in Hebrew/Aramaic and English but the study is in English.  NEW STUDENTS WELCOME!

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Berachot Talmud Pages  (No Notes versions are enlarged but missing the bottoms of the page)

Page 32B Page 33A Page 33B
Page 34A Page 34B Pages 34AB No Notes
Page 35A Page 35B Pages 35AB No Notes
Page 36A Page 36B Pages 36AB No Notes
Page 37A Page 37B Pages 37AB No Notes
Page 38A Page 38B Pages 38AB No Notes
Page 39A Page 39B Pages 39AB No Notes
Page 40A Page 40B Pages 40AB No Notes
Page 41A Page 41B Pages 41AB No Notes
Page 42A Page 42B Pages 42AB No Notes
Page 43A Page 43B Pages 43AB No Notes
Page 44A Page 44B Pages 44AB No Notes
Page 45A Page 45B Pages 45AB No Notes
Page 46A Page 46B Pages 46AB No Notes
Page 47A Page 47B Pages 47AB No Notes
Page 48A Page 48B Pages 48AB No Notes
Page 49A Page 49B Pages 49AB No Notes
Page 50A Page 50B Pages 50AB No Notes
Page 51A Page 51B Pages 51AB No Notes
Page 52A Page 52B  
Page 53A Page 53B  
Page 54A Page 54B Page 57A         Page 57B
Page 55A Page 55B  
Page 56A Page 56B  
Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783