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High Holiday Planning

Because of our COVID-19 safety protocols, we are asking everyone who is considering attending in-person services for the High Holidays to either:

  • Fill out the High Holiday Planning form (regardless of whether you are purchasing additional tickets, seats, or parking), OR
  • Contact the office (email, 914-762-2700)

to let us know how many are coming and to confirm that everyone 12 and over is vaccinated against COVID-19. 

To use the LiveStream you must register here.

Visit the High Holiday 2021 information page for everything you need to know.  Details have changed and may continue to change as the COVID situation evolves.

CSI Wine Is Back for the New Year!

New CSI Wine has arrived  — even better than at Passover. To order wine or pay for wine you picked up at the BBQ, click here.
Buy a few bottles for yourself and some to give as gifts! 

CSI Religious School Registration is Now Open

CSI's 2021 Annual Event Journal

Thank you to everyone who supported the Journal.  


CSI Online

CSI’s Campus is open for normal business and for shabbat services.  Please contact us through Director Ellen Johnson, Cantor Shiovitz, or Rabbi Kane at any time!  

We are offering weekday minyan on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.  These are appropriate for saying Mourner’s Kaddish.  Visit CSI Virtual Minyans.

Join us for a Kabbalat Shabbat Online service with Mourner’s Kaddish each Friday evening at 6:30 pm, with greet & schmooze starting at 6:00 pm. 

Rabbi Kane’s Ten Minutes of Torah  (All Dvars here.)

Join the LiveStream of Shabbat Morning Services at 9:10 am from the Sanctuary, or join us in person. Masks are mandatory during the service but can be removed for the "outdoor" kiddush.
(If the LiveStream freezes, reload the page (e.g., Ctrl-R, F5, ↻, Refresh) and restart it)

Please register here if you will be using the LiveStream for High Holiday Services.

For Shabbat music and prayers visit Shabbat Resources.

Listen to Music of Healing and Hope collected by Cantor Shiovitz

At Congregation Sons of Israel...

We affirm that everyone is a stakeholder and community matters.
We nourish our deep roots. We grow. We believe in the possible.
We value diversity. We are young and young at heart.

Mon, September 20 2021 14 Tishrei 5782