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Education Committee

The Education Committee, as stated in CSI's constitution, was created as a sub-committee under the auspices of the Board of Trustees and as such, any and all of their policies, activities and affiliations are subject to the Board Of Trustees oversight and approval.

  1. Provide support and guidance to the Educational Director.
  2. Provide oversight to the Nursery School, Nursery School Camp, Religious School, Hebrew High School, Youth Groups, all children and youth services and all non B'nai Mitzvah children programs.
  3. Create, review and implement policies that ensure the education, safety and well being of children enrolled in the Nursery School, Religious School and Hebrew High School.
  4. Discuss, make recommendations and report findings to the Board of Trustees on issues within the Nursery School, Religious School and Hebrew High School.
  5. Provide updates to the Board of Trustees on the Committees activities and keep them informed of any relevant issues.
  6. Provide a forum and a secondary resource for parents and/or teachers to bring issues to discuss, after discussing them with the Educational Director.
  7. Review the Nursery School, Religious School and Hebrew High School curriculum. A full review by grade of the curriculum should take place at least every three years.
  8. Work with the Nursery School PTA and the Religious School PTA to see that the needs of the Nursery and Religious Schools are known.
  9. Assist the Nursery School PTA, Religious School PTA, Hebrew High School and all youth groups in carrying out their planned activities.
  10. Establish and maintain a dialogue with organizations and associations involved in the development and implementation of Conservative Jewish religious school education.
  11. Recruit new members to the Education Committee.


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