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Through Tzedakah We Make an Impact

Congregation Sons of Israel offers many opportunities for the mitzvah of Tzedakah. Among these are vehicles through which people in special need can be helped, programs serving educational, spiritual and social needs can be assured and through which social action can be generated in times of community need. Listed below are some of the special funds that translate donations into action. Each serves a different purpose; all are well deserving of our generous support.

You may donate online using your CSI Community Portal account or as a Guest. These include all CSI Funds, Siddurim and Chumashim Dedications, and Kiddish Sponsorships or Kiddish (Yahrzeit Memorial) Fund donations.

Thank you for your consideration.

CSI Funds & Dedications

Fund Name [Click Fund/Dedication name]  Description
General Operations and Building Funds:
Etz Chaim - Tree of Life Fund The Tree of Life Fund is our general fund that helps with CSI's unanticipated, large expenses with approval from the Board of Trustees.
Ira Kestenbaum Beautification Fund Donations benefit beautification projects on the grounds of CSI.
CSI Security Fund Donations are made to offset various CSI Security expenses.
CSI Security Sponsorship Donations are made to sponsor a  four hour Security Guard shift at the cost of $220 per shift.
Gilbert Kavy Memorial Building Fund Contributions are used for building improvements and to help cover unanticipated building expenses.
Memorial Garden Fund Through this fund, bulb and other perennials are planted in our Memorial Garden. For dedication opportunities, see the Memorial Garden giving page.
Cemetery Fund Donations to this fund are used for the beautification and upkeep of the CSI Cemetery.
Caring and Community Outreach:
Caring Community The CSI Caring Community committee provides support to the synagogue community, such as assistance for bereaved families (including food deliveries as needed during Shiva), home and hospital visits, assistance to the elderly or ill (including rides to services, doctors appointments, and shopping).  Donations to the Caring Community also support the HaMishpacha program.  
Abraham Cohen/Fred Starler Memorial Tzedakah Fund This fund is distributed to charitable causes at Passover
Mitzner Family Special Educational Needs Fund Donations are used to fund our Lev Program, providing 1:1 shadows, technology, and Special Education training
Rhoda & Mel Miller Tuition Assistance Fund Donations are used to help defray costs of the CSI Religious School for families in need of financial assistance
Organic Farm Fund Donations are used for Farm programming and to assist with other projects on the CSI Community Organic Farm
Rachel Greenstein Children's Resource Library Fund This special fund provides books and other resources for our children's library.
Study-in-Israel Scholarship Fund Once an applicant is accepted or enrolled in a study program in Israel, he/she can apply for this scholarship. 
Youth Activities and Jewish Camping:
Jeffrey Dittelman/Robinov Ramah Overnight Camp Fund This fund provides help towards overnight camp tuition at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. The emphasis at Ramah is the personal growth of children as Jews.
Zuckerman/Charlotte Hering Ramah Day Camp Fund This fund provides help towards day camp tuition at the Camp Ramah at Nyack. The emphasis at Ramah is the personal growth of children as Jews.
Youth Activities Fund Established to aid in the funding of the Youth Advisors for both High School (USY) and elementary school Youth Group (Kadima) programs. Also provides scholarships for those children who are in need of financial help to attend regional United Synagogue Conventions or Synagogue Retreats
Professional Staff Discretionary Funds:
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund Used for various charitable and worthy causes, providing assistance to people in financial difficulties, and funding to world-wide and local organizations [at the discretion of the Rabbi]
Cantor's Discretionary Fund Allows for assistance to charitable organizations and special music programs [at the discretion of the Cantor]
Shabbat Oneg & Prayer Books:
Kiddish Contribution Each Shabbat offers the opportunity to honor the memory of a deceased loved one or to commemorate a special event with a donation to our weekly Kiddushim. Your name and the name of the person or people in whose memory or honor you are contributing will be announced from the Bimah and listed in the weekly handout on the Saturday of the specified Shabbat.
Kiddish Sponsorship In addition to Kiddish contributions, CSI offers the opportunity to sponsor a specific Kiddish and to help plan special foods or themes. Your name and the name of the person or people in whose memory or honor you are contributing will be announced from the Bimah and listed in the weekly handout on the Saturday of the specified Shabbat..
Siddur Lev Shalem CSI has an ongoing need for new Siddurim or Chumashim. Donations of this type offer you the opportunity to honor the simcha or memory of a relative or friend with a label of dedication that is inserted into each book donated. 
Etz Chaim Chumash
Memorial Dedications:
Memorial Plaque Dedications Remember your loved ones with a plaque on the lovely memorial wall in the lower social hall. Each plaque is $336, which includes both the permanent/decorative one that will be placed on the wall and the smaller one that we display in the sanctuary on the Shabbat of your yahrzeit each year.
In the Dedication area, please include:
  • English Name
  • Hebrew Name (transliteration)
  • Date of Death 
  • Time of death (or after dark or during the day)
Memorial Garden Dedications The CSI Memorial Garden, located at the back of the property and in front of the Organic Farm, is a serene and beautifully landscaped part of our nine acres. There are special opportunities to make named dedications in honor or memory of your loved ones. 


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