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Nursery School Program Information

CSI Nursery School is a structured, play-based school program.

Our school offers a natural progression for each of our classes. Our 2's class focuses on separating gently from parents and caregivers, learning that they have a special place of their own outside of their home, and becoming comfortable with school routines and the classroom environment. In our 3's class, children gain more independence. They have more structure to their day and more choices as well. By the time the children are in our 4's class, they are preparing for kindergarten while also spending much of their day engaging in concentrated, child directed play. In each class, children are learning to navigate social situations as they engage with peers and learn and play alongside them.

Our highly experienced teachers create a balance of structured activities and open-ended creative play time while providing the scaffolding our students need to grow and succeed. Children engage in a variety of experiences that promote growth in each early childhood development area—fine motor (small muscle, pre-writing skills), gross motor (large muscle, active play), creativity, imaginative play, literacy, science, and early math skills.

Classes spend time playing outside every day—on our playground, at our on-site farm, or in our outdoor dramatic play area.  Our school program runs from 9:00-11:55 a.m. 

Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784