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Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle

Dear Congregation Sons of Israel Family

 Please pickup a Yom HaShoah Yahrzeit Candle with the compliments of the CSI Men's Club. We ask that you participate in remembering those who perished in the Shoah by lighting the yellow candle, placing it in a prominent place, and reciting the meditation below on Wednesday evening 4/7. As part of the worldwide Jewish community, it is our collective obligation to honor and remember the Six Million,

In the spirit of remembrance, we encourage you to give tzedahah as a form of respect to those who did not survive the Holocaust. Through your generosity, we can continue to purchase, deliver and deliver candles each and every year and to pledge our collective support to organizations dedicated to keeping the memory of the six million alive even as the number of survivors dwindles.

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Meditation while lighting

 Place the Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle in the window on the evening Of April 7th and recite the following as it is lit.

As I light this Yellow Candle, I vow never to forget the lives of the Jewish men,  women, and children who are symbolized by this flame. They were tortured and  brutalized by human beings who acted like beasts; their lives were taken in cruelty.  May we be inspired to learn more about our six million brothers and sisters as  individuals and as communities, to recall their memory throughout the year, so that  they will not suffer a double death. May we recall not only the terror of their  deaths, but also the splendor of their lives. May the memory of their lives inspire  us to hallow our own lives and to live meaningful Jewish lives so that we may help  to insure that part of who they were shall endure always.

Men’s Club

Our award-winning Men’s Club schedules regular events both at and away from CSI.

They host Sunday morning Minyan Breakfasts with invited speakers, gather at CSI for Texas Hold ‘Em during the NCAA finals, tailgate and attend a Major League Baseball game, play at a CSI Men’s Club Golf Outing, and sponsor both the Yom Ha’Shaoh candle program at CSI as well as providing a gift for each of our B’nai Mitzvah students. Membership is $36 per year. For more more information contact Mark Reisman or Rick Langeloh.

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Sat, April 17 2021 5 Iyyar 5781