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CSI Refugee Resettlement Committee

CSI Refugee Resettlement Committee is a group of CSI members and friends dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive community for a refugee family. We are recognized by HIAS as an official “Community Sponsorship Organization” trained and prepared to welcome and integrate a HIAS sponsored refugee family in our community. There is a lot of work to be done to help our new neighbors restart their lives locally and eventually become self-sufficient, independent members of our community. Join us! As a committee of volunteers, we will identify affordable housing, collect furniture and clothing, stock the shelves with food and necessary items, and connect the family to public benefits (including Medicaid and SNAP). We’ll also need volunteers to orient the family to life in America. That orientation will likely involve enrolling children in school, identifying ESOL resources, identifying employment opportunities, and learning how to use public transportation. Whether you have a lot of time or a little, please join us. We need your help and your financial contributions.

HIAS Partnership Model
HIAS New York uses a collaborative model that includes a partnership between professional refugee resettlement services and volunteer groups called host organizations. HIAS New York’s partnership with host organizations was first developed in response to an outpouring of support for refugees by Jewish congregations in Westchester County and New York City. This model builds on HIAS’ extensive experience in resettlement and integration, as well as connections with a deeply engaged volunteer network that offers financial and human capital to support our refugee clients. Host organizations, which can be a single congregation or a coalition of congregations, organizations, and/or institutions working together, including interfaith groups, assume the responsibility to welcome newly arrived refugees and SIVs the way a family member would do so. To do so, host organizations support the basic needs of refugee or SIV individuals/families as well as help facilitate integration and self-sufficiency.

Contribute to the Afghan Refugee Resettlement Fund

Please help fund the resettlement of an Afghan refugee family within our community!


Participate in the Afghan Refugee Resettlement

Please consider volunteering to help resettle an Afghan refugee family here in our community. There are many ways that you can help. We need volunteers who can make both large and small commitments of time and resources. Please use this form to indicate how you might be able to assist in this important work. Please also indicate if you would be able to consider a leadership role in organizing this work.

Please let us know how many hours you would available to volunteer.
If you speak other languages please let us know.

 Let us know in which of the following areas you would be able to help:
Scout out affordable housing, securing, assist with lease signing, etc.
Our neighbors need a home that is fully furnished, some clothing needs—NOT an overabundance
Support Housing/Furniture & Clothing Committee stocking the home with cleaning and other household supplies and personal items.
Show family where to grocery shop, how to navigate public transportation, get a library card, etc.
Determine language training needs and organize appropriate support according to needs (if hosting family children, parents). Register adults for English as a Second Language (ESOL), provide supplemental ESOL support. Identify and support education as needed.
Identify potential employment opportunities. Help interviewing and working with the adults to determine skills, help finding interview, interview prep.
Help with family budgeting and finances, including setting up a bank account, credit cards, and taxes.
Organize/Oversee transportation as needed for family to a doctor's appointments, school meetings, etc. Volunteers must have a background check and clean driving record.
Help apply for Social Security, SNAP benefits, and navigate the medical insurance and health care systems.
Help recruit volunteers, keep track of their information and hours volunteered.
Oversee the expenditure of the resettlement funds raised.
Suggest other ways you might be able to assist refugees, through the CSI Resettlement Committee.
If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please let us know here or email us at


Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782