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CSI is made up of a wide array of individuals whose contributions blend to create a unique and vibrant community. We encourage participation, discussion, and new ideas.
In all languages of the world, the word “life” is a singular noun, except in Hebrew. “Hayim” is a plural form and there is no singular for it. Why? Because a good life cannot possibly be lived in the singular, it must be in the plural. 
 – Rabbi Joseph Lookstein

Below are some of the Committees, Groups, and Organizations of Congregation Sons of Israel. Just click on the titles to see more information. If you are interested in joining, just email the Chair/President. If the spot is open and you wish to join the committee or even lead it, please contact the CSI President.

2nd Generation Survivors

If you are a child of Holocaust survivors, please consider joining this wonderful group. Whether you are seeking to keep their stories alive for the next generations, or you would simply like to find comfort and camaraderie – please join us.

Chair: Cheryl Katz (

Audit/Financial Review Committee

The Audit/Financial Review Committee reviews all of CSI’s financial records to ensure proper record keeping, proper financial reporting, compliance with all legal, ethical, and contractual obligations, and that the activities and financial expenditures of the synagogue are used for charitable purposes.

Chair: Marty Weinberg (

Building & Grounds Committee

It takes a lot to keep CSI running! This committee manages all the properties of the Congregation and makes recommendations for the administration of the properties, and rules for their use.

Chair: Irwin Kavy (

Caring Community

The CSI Caring Community has long been the standard-bearer for Gemilut Chasadim – Acts of Loving Kindness. Our volunteers are always there in times of need. Meetings are held at CSI on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7pm (check the calendar!). If you wish to help or know of someone in need please contact Judy.

Chair: Judy Boehr (

Cemetery Committee

The Cemetery is over 100 years old, contains an enormous wealth of CSI History, and is a rich classroom for our Hebrew School. It is where we periodically bury religious books and articles that cannot be merely thrown away.  The Committee is currently working on a recommendation to the Board that we revise the Constitution and sell plots, to raise necessary funds. Please reach out to Irwin if you would like to get involved in this effort.

Chair: Irwin Kavy (


Our choir is a wonderful addition to our High Holiday services. Their beautiful melodies enhance our services. If you would like to lend your voice to the choir, then please contact the Chair – Judy Boehr.

Chair: Judy Boehr (

Education Committee

This Committee supervises the schools of the Congregation, determines policy, and formulates the rules and regulations for the administration of our schools.  It provides support and guidance to the school Directors, and oversees CSI's youth groups and camps.  The committee provides a forum and secondary resource for parents and teachers, reviews curriculum, assists the Parent Associations, and interacts with Conservative Jewish Educational organizations and associations. Please get involved in this extremely important committee!

Chair: Rebecca Schiz (

Fundraising Committee 

The Fundraising Committee identifies fundraising opportunities for CSI and develops projects to ensure that CSI has the funds to keep growing and thriving.

Chair: Moshe Walsh ( and Meredith Belle (

Green Team 

CSI’S Green Team is working toward creating a more sustainable building and life for all of us. Learn more about the Green Team.

Chair: Sonia Kleinman (

Membership Committee 

Membership is the lifeblood of any shul. This committee needs your help to reach out to potential new members and invite them to join us. Please help keep us vibrant and growing!

Chair: Roberta Bar-Levav (

Men’s Club

Our award-winning Men’s Club schedules regular events including Sunday morning Minyan Breakfasts, Texas Hold ‘Em, baseball games, golf outings, Torah on Tap, and more. Join today! Learn more about Men's Club.

President: Richard Zuckerman (

Organic Farm Committee 

Our news-making farm and associated programs foster many important Jewish traditions and values related to ecology, agriculture, nutrition, healing/health, well-being, spiritual connection, social and environmental justice, and the benefits of productive physical work.  We grow food and flowers to nourish our bodies and souls so get engaged in this exciting endeavor! Learn more about the Organic Farm.

Chair: Ryna Lustig (

Pride Committee 

CSI’s PRIDE Committee was established to help ensure an embracing community and safe spaces for all of our members and guests, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We are committed to educating and creating awareness around LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, etc.) subjects through a variety of programs and collaborations.  Everyone at CSI is welcome to join and help us create educational and social programming for allies and for members of the LGBTQ+ community, of all ages! See the Pride Committee page for more information.

Chair: Suzanne Haber (

Nursery School & Religious School Parent Associations

Our PAs support our Nursery School and Religious School respectively. Get involved to help support our kids and keep them engaged throughout their journey!

NS PA President: Lindsey Alter (
RS PA Presidents: Jaclyn Shifren (

Ritual Committee  

The Ritual Committee is in charge of all religious services, ceremonies and rituals of the congregation, and sets the parameters for our services. It also appoints ushers and distributes Aliyot and other honors for Shabbat and holiday services.

Chairs: Joel Neuberg (


CSI Sisterhood welcomes all women of CSI to join. We are part of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, the largest synagogue-based women’s organization in the world.  Sisterhood offers social and educational programs throughout the year, including monthly Mahjong nights, speakers, a book club, our ever-popular Sisterhood Shabbat and much more. We support CSI with our annual Purim Mishloach Manot fundraiser and Matanah, the gift shop of CSI. Learn more about Sisterhood.

President: Robin Ginsberg (

Social Committee 

The Social Committee sponsors purely social activities for different age groups throughout the course of the year. With one goal in mind we are always looking for new ideas so don't be shy!

Chair: Debra Young (

Social Action Committee 

The Social Action Committee helps the broader community via food drives, clothing drives – whatever is needed; we reach out in all directions!

Chair: Judy Boehr (

Technology Committee  

We find ways to improve information on our website (offloading some work from the office), reviewing CSI’s technology infrastructure and recommend improvements, and evaluate technology requests from other CSI committees.

Chair: Jack Zinn (

Young Family Outreach Committee  

We are a partnership of parents with young children, working to build a connection for potential new famlies to join the CSI Community. Our goal is to identify and bring in these young families to become members of CSI. We also hope to be a conduit for existing members and committees to get in touch with young families and invite them to participate in all the great things CSI has to offer.

Chair: Henrik Sukonnik (

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