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CSI's New Website

Welcome to our new CSI website and CSI Community Portal. We have now transitioned to our new online synagogue management system powered by ShulCloud. We are excited about the advantages that the easy-to-use and customizable system will bring to both our congregants and to staff.

For login information see below.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please sent them to

CSI Community Portal Instructions

We have transitioned to our new online CSI Community Portal and synagogue management system powered by ShulCloud.

We are excited about the advantages that the easy-to-use ShulCloud will bring to both our congregants and to staff. Benefits include access to CSI Community-only Calendar information and sections, managing your family information, payments and transactions, and even registering for events and programs directly through the CSI Community Portal

What can I access...

(without logging in):

  1. Overview of Congregation Sons of Israel and what CSI has to offer our community, including our Organic Farm, Learning, and Prayer & Worship, our Clergy and our Administrative Staff, and our Lay Leadership. 
  2. Our Calendar for open events, including our prayer services, as well as our services and videos and commentary, and how to view our LiveStreams of our services.
  3. Ways to donate to CSI, including all of our funds. Donations can be made in honor of, memory of, or other type of honors.

(while logged in):

All of the PUBLIC tabs, plus:

  1. Logged-in-only forms, registrations for CSI Community-only events, including school registration forms. 
  2. In-person calendar events, school information, and any other non-public information about events at CSI.
  3. Your personalized My Account area, which contains all of your CSI Community membership information. This includes:
    1. My Profile, with all of your general information, name, lifecycle information, contact info, business info, a photo, and more. You can add as little or as much information as you desire.
    2. My Family, where you can manage all the members of your family and add similar information
    3. My Payment Methods and My Transactions, where you can set up ACH or CC transactions, recurring payments, and pay specific invoice items. 
    4. My Events, where you can register for and see your upcoming events.
    5. My Yahrzeits, where you can add, view, and manage Yahrzeits that you wish to observe.

First Time CSI Community Account Access

1. GO TO (this page is are here!)

  1. Click on the tan box labeled Login in the upper right-hand corner in the gray bar.
  2. Click Forgot Password. You will be taken to the Forgot Password page.
    (It's okay if you have never set a password, as the process is the same, so still click Forgot Password.)
  3. Enter the email address that you will use to log in to your account. Click Email Password.
  4. An email with instructions to login will be sent to you. The system will send you a link you can use to access your account, where you will be able to set a new password.

Note: If the email address you entered is different from what we currently have on file, you will receive an error message. Please contact us at 914.762.2700 or to update your account.


  • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters
  • You may choose to include a combination of upper/lowercase, numbers and special characters
  • Passwords are case sensitive

Click Set Password at bottom of screen


Scroll down and click ‘View & edit your profile’


You DO NOT need to re-enter your password; only if you wish to change it!
It is essential that we have your most current email, phone numbers, and addresses on file. Updating as many fields as possible will ensure we have the most accurate information to better serve you.  If you are unsure about how to update your information please contact the office.

What are Permissions?
Administer Family: access to add, edit and delete members of your family or your yahrzeits.
Billing: access to transaction history, receive billing statements, and make payments to the account.
Login: access to login to their account 

Click Contact Info tab Update info
Click Business tab Update info (optional) 
Click Other tab
NoteLifecycles are only visible to you/your family. Therefore, it is not necessary to check any of the boxes to hide them from public views.
Tags/interests: Let us know which activities you are interested in! (This does not mean you are “joining” or “obligated” to an activity; it just lets us know what you are interested in.)

Click Save Changes to Person at bottom of screen


Click My Account (on the top navigation bar)
Click Manage Yahrzeits then click Add Yahrzeit
Complete the form and click Save New Yahrzeit
(To delete Yahrzeits, click My Account then Manage Yahrzeits)


You only need to sign out of your account if you are on a shared, public computer. If you are using your own phone or home computer, you do not need to sign out. 
If you wish to sign out, click Welcome [your name] and Sign Out


Go to —► login with your email and password.

Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784