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High Holidays 2021

We are looking forward to High Holiday Services, both in person and streamed. This updates the previous information with some important changes.

If you think you may attend any service in person, you must register here or ask the office to register for you even though you have received tickets. If you have not received tickets please contact the office. You may also purchase reserved seats and parking at the same time. Unreserved seats will be separated into groups and assigned by ushers each day. We will not reserve the same seats from day to day. 

If your child(ren) will be attending children’s services, please register them by age group here or ask the office to do so. Children’s services will take place on the first day of Rosh HaShanah and on Yom Kippur. Children must stay with their parents at all times except when they have been escorted by their parent to the children’s service or to observe the shofar blowing outside.

Proof of vaccination will be required for all eligible to be vaccinated.  You will be given a sticker for your tickets at your first entrance to CSI. You may get your stickers early by contacting the office.

LiveStream will be available to all with registration required here.  Members in good standing may request the loan of HH prayer books. Contact the office.

High Holiday Schedule (Complete Schedule Here):

8/25  9:00PM     Selichot
9/6    6:30PM     Erev Rosh HaShanah (Day 1)
9/7    8:45AM    Rosh HaShanah (Day 1)
9/7    6:15PM     Erev Rosh HaShanah (Day 2)
9/8    8:45AM    Rosh HaShanah (Day 2)
9/15  6:45PM     Kol Nidre
9/16  9:00AM    Yom Kippur

Safety procedures:

  1. All attendees eligible to be vaccinated, must provide proof of vaccination by presentation of a vaccination card, NY excelsior pass, or a ticket with the required sticker to an outside usher to gain admittance.
  2. All attendees must wear masks at all times when inside the building, including children over 2.
  3. Children’s services will take place in the Chapel.
  4. The shofar will be blown outside only; children will be outside as well (not permitted on the bimah), and no child will be allowed to blow a shofar.
  5. Parents of children attending children's services will escort their child to and from the children’s service and the shofar service.
  6. Children must stay with their parents at all other times.
  7. Set up of chairs in the main sanctuary will permit social distancing between attendees, and the number of chairs will be limited to about 350.
  8. To maximize outside ventilation, the garage doors on the east and west sides of the main sanctuary will (weather permitting) be drawn up; and CSI's COVID compliant air filters will be operational in all areas of the sanctuary.
  9. Bathrooms will NOT be one at a time since everyone is vaccinated and masked.
  10. There will NOT be a Yom Kippur Breakfast.
Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782